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Information for planning professionals

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Shortcuts for information for planning professionals

This has been designed to help regular users of the planning system access the information they need quickly and easily.

It focuses on:

Application forms

These forms are designed by the government and are used nationally. If you are familiar with the planning process and know which pack you need you can view a list of all the available planning application packs and make your selection from there.

Please note you can type into this form and print it out, however you can only save the completed form if you have a copy of Adobe Professional. If you wish to submit your planning application electronically you can do this using the planning portal.

Planning policy

The 1990 Act requires that authorities have regard to the provisions of the development plan, so far as a material to the application, and to any other material considerations.

What is the Development Plan?

Where the Development Plan is material - applications must be determined in accordance with the plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

This section also provides links to Government Guidance, Planning Policy Guidance and Statements.

Essential Information and online facilities

This part of the site provides information on the area planning committees, including dates of meetings, agendas, minutes and councillors sitting on committees.

There are a number of online facilities which are provided to help you access information on planning without the need to contact us. This includes:

  • Searching for live and historic applications
  • Viewing plans
  • Viewing geographical  information

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