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Wiltshire Core Strategy Pre-Submission Consultation

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This consultation closed on 2 April 2012. The following is provided for information purposes only. Please note that any reference to the Browfort office is now historic. Wiltshire Council's offices in Devizes have since moved to Snuff Street.


The Wiltshire Core Strategy is now at the examination stage. Representations on the soundness of the proposed submission documents were invited during this consultation.

The consultation period ended at 5pm on 2 April 2012 after which the Wiltshire Core Strategy Submission Document was formally approved for publication by Wiltshire Council on 26 June 2012. Following this decision Wiltshire Council submitted the Wiltshire Core Strategy to the Planning Inspectorate on 10 July 2012 for the purpose of initiating an independent public examination.

What information is available on this page?

The Wiltshire Core Strategy Pre-submission Document that was consulted on is available to view on this page, along with the consultation letter and public notice. There are also links to the Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment and information from previous stages of consultation on the Wiltshire Core Strategy.

Also on this page is a copy of the representation form and instructions on how representations could be submitted. There are details of where the submission documents could be viewed in person, including the location of Wiltshire Council offices.

A number of exhibitions were held during the consultation period and information on each of these is available on this page.


The Wiltshire Core Strategy Pre-submission document was prepared following consultations during the autumn of 2009 and the summer of 2011. Comments received as part of these consultations informed the development of the Wiltshire Core Strategy Pre-submission document. Between 20 February 2012 and 2 April 2012 comments were invited on the ‘soundness’ of the draft plan including whether the correct legal processes had been followed. To be sound policies needed to be based on clear, robust, up-to-date information.

The Wiltshire Core Strategy Pre-submission document and all the supporting documents and evidence based studies can be viewed via the links below. At this stage comments were invited on the whole document and further information on how comments could be made can be found below.


Individual comments submitted during the consultation period are available to view through our online consultation portal, which can be accessed through the link below.

Supporting Documents

Key documents that supported this consultation have been retained below for reference purposes. The latest versions of these documents that support the Wiltshire Core Strategy can be found on the Planning policy evidence base web page.

Sustainability appraisal/ strategic environmental assessment

A Sustainability Appraisal Report was produced and is available to download below, along with a non-technical summary and appendices.

Habitats Regulations Assessment

A Habitats Regulations Assessment to support the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy was produced and is available to download below.

Topic papers

The below topic papers were produced to support the consultation.

Public Exhibitions

Public Exhibitions were set up in each of the Community Areas across Wiltshire for the duration of the consultation.

PDF versions of the display boards from each of the exhibitions are available to download below.


The Wiltshire Core Strategy Pre-submission document and accompanying evidence reports and supporting documents, including the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment, were available to be viewed and commented on via the Council's dedicated online consultation portal. Those with access to the internet were strongly urged to respond to the consultation via the dedicated website as it ensured views were recorded accurately.

The official representation form was available to download either from the link below or via the portal alongside a copy of the consultation letter, official representation form guidance notes and Wiltshire Council's guide to completing the representation form.

Completed forms could either be emailed to the spatial planning team or sent to:

The Spatial Planning Team
Economy and Enterprise
Wiltshire Council
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN

Alternatively, copies of the consultation documents were available to be viewed at libraries across Wiltshire as well as Wiltshire Council's main offices including:

  • County Hall, Trowbridge
  • Bradley Road Offices, Trowbridge
  • Browfort Offices, Devizes
  • Milford Street Offices, Salisbury
  • Monkton Park Offices, Chippenham

Comment forms were also available from council offices and libraries.

Further information

Information on previous stages in the development of the Wiltshire Core Strategy as well as the evidence base that supports the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy can be found via the links below.

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