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Support in Wiltshire: Autism Parent Programme (SWAPP) booking form

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This programme is for families with children on the autistic spectrum. The child or young person must have a formal written diagnosis before a family can attend the programme.

If your child hasn't either a formal or working diagnosis or if you would like further information, please contact TSLS.OperationalOffice@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Consent to receive service and agreement to record information

By completing this form you are consenting to take part in SWAPP. You understand that this will involve Wiltshire Council processing information about your child / the child you care for and these records may be on paper or electronic systems and may include photographs, videos and/or other personal identifiable information.

You are happy for this information to be held by Wiltshire Council providing they do so within legal requirements. You have the option to review this consent at any time.

Also, by completing this form you are consenting for a member of staff from the child's school / setting to attend SWAPP sessions, if the school / setting is able to release a member of staff.


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