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Wiltshire Core Strategy

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Adopted Core Strategy

The Wiltshire Core Strategy Development Plan Document (‘the plan’) was formally adopted on 20 January 2015. The plan provides a positive and flexible overarching planning policy framework for Wiltshire for the period up to 2026.

The plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 10 July 2012 for examination and the inspector’s report was published in December 2014. The inspector’s recommended main modifications have been included in the adopted plan.

The Wiltshire Core Strategy replaces the South Wiltshire Core Strategy as well as a number of policies from the former district council's local plans.

The Adoption Statement, Adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy and associated background documents are available to download below:

Wiltshire Core strategy habitats regulations assessment which includes:

The Core Strategy above is an interim version, which is an accurate reflection of the adopted plan incorporating the modifications made by the inspector. A final publication version will be issued in due course, which will be identical in content subject to any typographical corrections and will be improved in format to aid clarity for the user of the document.

What is the Wiltshire Core Strategy?

The Wiltshire Core Strategy is the most important part of the Local Development Framework (LDF), a suite of planning policy documents that will eventually replace the four local plans covering Wiltshire.

The Wiltshire Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) covers the whole of Wiltshire (excluding Swindon) and sets out the council's

  • spatial vision,
  • key objectives, and
  • overall principles for development in the county.

The key objectives of the spatial vision has been derived from an analysis of the county's characteristics, a review of our own corporate plans and priorities, and national planning guidance. At its heart is the delivery of viable and vibrant communities based on the principle of sustainability.

The core strategy outlines a sustainable spatial strategy for future development in the county and includes:

  • key principles of development
  • the location of strategic sites for new housing and employment development
  • policies with which planning applications will be assessed
  • a key diagram displaying the spatial aspects of the core strategy


Stages of preparation Timeline
Submission of Wiltshire Core Strategy to the Planning Inspectorate 10 July 2012
Wiltshire Core Strategy - Focussed Consultation 20 September 2012 - 1 November 2012

Summer 2013

Please see examination page

  • Wiltshire Core Strategy -Schedule of Proposed Modifications in response to inspector's 10th procedural letter (December 2013)
  • Response to representations (August - October 2013)
  • Modifications
  • Additional minor modifications
27 August - 9 October 2013

January 2015


We submitted the Wiltshire Core Strategy pre-submission document part of the Local Development Framework to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 10 July 2012 for independent examination.

The Core Strategy pre-submission document including proposed changes and supporting documentation submitted to the Secretary of State is available to view on the dedicated Wiltshire Core Strategy Submission webpage which forms the central point for all information regarding the submission of the Core Strategy

Public examination

Details of the public examination are available on the examination page.

Further information

Information on previous stages in the development of the Wiltshire Core Strategy as well as the evidence base that supports the emerging Wiltshire Core Strategy:

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